Mobility 1955 and 2015 in Germany

Mobility 1955 and 2015 will have surprising similarities, when the oil criis prognosticated by IEA hits with full hardness.

  1955 scooter affordable, car beyond the dreams

For Average Joe in Germany had been 1995 the own scooter the utmost dream. Even small cars like the new BMW Isetta beyond the budget. Reak cars like the VW bug unaffordable.

  Much to less industrial production

The industrial production had been at this time in Germany not enough for more. From the raw materials for 1 car, it was possible to built 10 scooters.

  2015 electric scooters affordable - electric cars beyond dreams

Fatih Birol had been with his interview from August 3rd 2009 a real prophet. World economy had been thown in depression by the heavy oil crisis from 2013. Unresponsible politicians ignored each warning until it was to late to change. Mass unemployment, reduction in pay and at the same time exploding prices for gasoline, diesel and fuel oil brought average Joe in a deep finance crisis. Because of imminent government insolvence, welfare much shortened. Drive a car or heat the house, for both is no money there. Even not real for one of this.

  Much to less lithium battery production

The lithium battery production 2015 will be much to less. With the batteries for one car can be 10 electric scooters be equipped.

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