Eat my dirt

Mobility with ICE internal combustion engines is something very aggressive. You have to be under all circumstances faster than the others, otherwise You will eat their dirt.

  First scooter with 15 or 16

The youth gets the first motorized vehicle with 15 in Austria or 16 in Germany. It's official limited to 45 km/h, but the test devices of the police show most time other values. An illegal arms race at the youth for every km/h more top speed, at all price.

  The price at the arms race is very high

  • No insurance protection at accidents with more than 45 km/h
  • Police can even scrap an illegal tuned 45km/h scooter
Why takes the youth this high risk? The reason can be brought into 1 sentence: "Eat my dirt". When somebody is only 1 km/h faster, he can breathe fresh air, he can aim his exhaust valve like a wapon to all behind him, all behind him have to breathe the dirt from his exhaust valve.

  There can only be one

No, it's not about the movie "Highlander" where a group battles until only one is remaining. In each group of adolescence can only one have the fastest scooter, all the others are dirt eater.

  Stop the madness!

The Top-Runner policy has to be also for scooters. State of technology is in the 45 km/h class the electric scooter. So ban gasoline scooters from being sold. CO2 Reduction, Öil exit, less noise, there are many arguments, Here one additional, adolescence should not feel, their first vehicle is like a wapon for the aggression "Eat my dirt".

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