Photovoltaic cheaper than gasoline

Let's imagine, Chrysler would have the Sebring Sedan as a plug-in hybrid car. Chrysler would instead of ''Let's refuel America'' start an action ''CO2 free mobility''..

  Instead of gasoline price guarantee, 3 years installment for photovoltaic

For each car purchaser, the installment for a photovoltaic will be 3 years paid. The photovoltaic is sized for 12000 miles per years. Chrysler organises for this a very low interest credit with only 2.5%. The photovoltaic price is $6000 per kW peak.

I estimate the Sebring for 16 kWh/100km. The photovoltaic has to have for 12000 miles = 19308 km a yearly yield of 3090 kWh. I estimate the average yearly yield in the USA with 1500 kWh per kW peak. So 2060 Watt peak photovoltaic are necessary. At $6000 per kW peak, the price would be $12357.--.

  Solar electric power even in the US cheaper than gasoline

Only $793 per year would be the installment for the photovoltaic. $2379 for 3 years. Far cheaper and less risk than the gasoline price guarantee. The price guarantee covers only the gasoline price beyond $2.99. The photovoltaic installment is paid 100%, but it's very probable that the photovoltaic installment is cheaper than the gasoline price guarantee.

Rentability from photovoltaic
Since decades, the enemies of photovoltaic told ''To expensive, it does not calculate''. Now we strike back. Mobility with crude oil is uneconomic.

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