From where the electricity for plug-in hybrid and electric cars

In an actual press release is the question, from where comes the electric power for our future plug-in hybrid and electric cars. Here the surprising answer.

2004 had been burned in Germany gasoline with 298 TWh and Diesel with 308 TWh thermical energy. In addition 11 TWH bio fuel and 0,5 TWh liquid gas. A total of 618 TWh thermic energy for the street traffic.

CCPP power plants can produce with this electric power with 58% efficiency. Some new planed CCPPs will even reach more than 60%. But let's take only the 58% efficiency in the calculation. Even with this, CCPP can produce 358 TWh electric power.

  Germany with 45 million electric cars

Let's take for the estimation 45 million electric cars with 16 kWh/100km and 15.000kms a year. This are only 108 TWh. In addition 20 TWh for trucks. That's arond 1/3 of the present fuel consumption, or should we speak about fuel squandering?

What to do with the remaining 230 TWh electric power, possible to produce from the fuel for cars in 2004? We could reduce the electric power production from coal and lignite by 230 TWh and save 230 Million tons CO2.

  Grotesque number relations

The potentail to reduce CO2 emission in the traffic is by electric propulsion larger than the CO2 emission of the traffic.

In cars is a high quality low CO2 energy carrier destroied with a terrible bad efficiency. The car traffic emmits 162 million tons CO2. By electric cars can be 230 million tons CO2 be saved, when all the fuel is used in CCPP for electric power produciton and 230 TWh less electric power production by coal and lignite.

We did not write a single word about sun and wind. Until now only about a more efficient use of fossil energy. Only with this, Germany can reduce from 900 million tons CO2 per year down to 670 million tons.

CO2 carbon dioxide
Overview about different aspects of the green house gas prolems. Above all, what will it cost to reach again the normal state?

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