Chrysler gasoline price guarantee

Chrysler offers all car purchasers of selected types to pay only $2,99 per gallone. What the gasoline costs more pays Chrysler. Estimation of the costs with an example.

  Example medium sized car: SEBRING SEDAN

This medium sized car from Chrysler is listed with 21 MPG inside town and 30 MPG outside town. This are 11,2 l/100km inside town and 7,84 l/100 km outside. The gasoline price guarantee is for 3 years and 12000 miles (19308 km) per year. At this vehicle, Chrysler makes the gasoline price guarantee for 1714 gallons (6488 litre).

Just right now on May 9th, a gallon makes in California $3.89. Would the price remain at $3.89, the gasoline price guarantee would cost Chrysler only $1542.60

Year mild medium extreme
2008-06 bis 2009-05 $4.50 $5.00 $5.50
2009-06 bis 2010-05 $5.50 $6.50 $7.50
2010-06 bis 2011-05 $6.50 $8.00 $9.50
Gesamtkosten für Chrysler $4302.14 $6016.14 $7730.14

It seems that Chysler underestimates the dynamic of Peak oil and the decrease in oil production, because the guarantee is a significant financial risk.

  Photovoltaic is cheaper than gasoline

We show on the next page how cheap is photovoltaic compared to gasoline, even in the USA.

Rentability from photovoltaic
Since decades, the enemies of photovoltaic told ''To expensive, it does not calculate''. Now we strike back. Mobility with crude oil is uneconomic.

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