BYD for battle price on the home market

BYD announced to bring the f3DM until end of the year for US$14600 to US$19000 on the chinese home market. A revolution is announced.

  2008 China - maybe 2010 Europe

The Toyota Prius is in China for US$21000. But the Prius can not compete with the F3DM. The Prius has only a tiny battery, making electric only driving only for 2 km possible. The BYD has a 20 kWh battery for 110 km electric only. The Toyota Prius can not be charged from the grid. The BYD has a 230 V connection and a 60 kW fast charging connection.

  No chance for small electric car companies

For many small companies engaged in electric cars will this news be a shock. This companies are even not able to purchase 20 kWh lithium batteries for $14600. BYD will deliver for this price the batteries and the car.

  We write the year 2010

The oil price has increased to $300. Gasoline is for 2,50 EUR per litre. The car drivers are desperate. There are complete sensless mass demonstrations. BYD television ad: 20.000,-EUR, 16 kWh/100 km. Refuel with the 14 Cent night electric power tariff. By the fuel expenses a 0,9 litre/100km car.

Furious customers of European car companies cancel already signed purchase contracts for fossil cars from Europe. The few BYD branches are stormed by enthusiastic intresents to purchase the F3DM.

  Fight against protectionism

The European car lobby does everything to stop BYD with threadbare arguments. Greens and environment organizations organise big demonstrations. The mood changes. Instead of "Away with the gasoline tax", there are now "We wand BYD" transparents.

At the good mood for BYD can also the mass dismissals at European car companies change nothing. They have all the blame for it, so no pity.

BYD - Built Your Dreams, the dream not to be an accessary at the climate change, the dream to do all every day drives with cheap solar electric power.

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