Fuel forever: Photovoltaic to power Your plug-in hybrid

Calculator for a photovoltaic producing as much electric power as You need every year for Your future electric car or plug-in hybrid car. Compare this with Your fuel expenses.

The yearly yield of a photovoltaic depends on geographic location, type of photovoltaic and orientation of the photovoltaic system. Contact Your local solar energy specialist for a kWh per kW installed photovoltaic modules estimation.
km die pro Jahr gefahren weren
Litre per 100km at Your old car
EUR per litre fuel for Your old car
EUR yearly expenses for Your old cars fuel
kWh per 100km at Your electric car or plug-in hybrid car
kWh yearly yield per kW peak installed photovoltaic
EUR per kW Peak photovoltaic
EUR yearly installment for 20 years at 3% interest
(to the US miles gallons version)
Rentability from photovoltaic
Since decades, the enemies of photovoltaic told ''To expensive, it does not calculate''. Now we strike back. Mobility with crude oil is uneconomic.

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