General Motors Opel fair sensation IAA 2007

September 13th 11:25, hundreds of journalists wait for the visiot of theGerman prime minister Angela Merkel at the GM fair sensation: The solution for our future mobility.

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Plug-in-Hybrids are the solution for pur mobility problems.
The first 60km with electric power from the grid, where a
more and more clean energy mix from renewable energy
will be avalable, only longer distances with an ICE internal combustion engine.
Panorama photos from fairs
Panorama photos and 360 degree all around photos from fairs. Show the atmosphere like at ''Waiting for the prime minister''

Hybrid cars
Why arrived the hybrid car not earlier. What problems solves the hybrid car? Can the hybrid succeed against cars with hydrogen and fuel cells?

Plug-in-Hybrid vehicles Plug-in-Hybrid vehicles
Directory about all our reports about plug-in-hybrid vehicles, the solution for our future mobility in sight of climate change and increasing crude oil prices.

Middle sized cars
Directory over all our reports about middle sized cars. All our articles about medium sized cars.

Opel Flextrene
Table of contents about all our contributions about Opel Flextreme plug-in hybrid.

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