Change energy source: plug-in hybrid

Since decades, our cars are using less and less fuel, but the world consume of oil goes up. Now after peak oil, we need a radical change of the energy source.

  Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid

The simple hybrid car saves a little bit of crude oil. It is still a complete from fossile fuel dependent vehicle, only a little bit more efficient. Only the Plug-in hybird car makes the change of the energy source possible. Driving with electricity from renewable energy instead of oil products.

  Crude oil

  • Decreasing world production
  • Import from politiical unstable countries
  • Adds to the climate change

  Electric power from renewable energy

  • Increasing world production
  • Production of the equipment in the democratic industry countries
  • Stops the climate change

  Questions about the change to plug-in hybrid cars

So it's the key question about the future of our cars how to manage this change.

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