Loremo as the 21th century Ford-T

Henry Fords idea was, cars should be cheap enough, that even the worker can effort them. But what about cars, where the environment survives even at 5 billion cars?

  Year 2050: 10 billion people 5 billion cars

Nobody imagined before Henry Ford, that it could give a full motorization in the rich industrial countries. Horse coaches or cars was only something for the rich. But a simple worker and a car? Unimaginably!
Decades later "Club of Rome", the limitedness of useable resources. Car driving seemed to be an only a few decades available luxury for the inhabitants of the rich industrial countries. Car driving also for the poorer social stratum in the development countries? Unimaginably! It's bad enough what some new rich Chinese make with the oil price. There are some million Chinese more able to effort a car and already are the people in the rich industrial countries moaning about fast rising fuel prices.

  The limits of the old car industry

Each additiotinal produced car has an ifluence on the pil price. Each increase of the oil price has as consequence that less people can afford car driving. The fossile car industry can not escape this circuit. Over production and discount battles show the limits of the fossile car industry.

Fossile car industry? Cars always larger and more heavy and only with fossile fuel.

  Loremo - as important as the Ford-T

One century after Henry Ford exists a new vision for mobility. The concept for a car where even 10 billion people could drive with cars.

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Top innovations for mobility
This top innovations will make sure, that our mobility will not decrease with the end of the fossile age.

Henry Ford
The great industrial who accomplished with the Ford-T the vision for the 20th century, should now be adapted for the requirements of the 21th century.

Loremo Loremo
Loremo means LOw REsistance MObility. All our reports about the Loremo, which we estimate as the Ford-T for the 21. century.

Context description:  worldwide full motorization possible possibly
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