Electric and plug in hybrid propulsion

The coachwork concept of the Loremo would be an outstanding base for an electric car or plug in hybrid car.

  The enabler

Lithium batteries are regretfully still expensive. To have a good range and performance, the battery pack for a conventinal car can be easy more than 10.000.-EUR. But the coachwork of the Loremo halves the proplem. It's to pay only the halve batteries for the same range.

  Study about electric and serial hybrid

  City car Long range commuter serial hybrid
Battery 60 pieces 40 Ah 60 pieces 70 Ah 60 pieces 40 Ah
Capacity 8,88 kWh 15,54 kWh 8,88 kWh
Weight 60 kg 102 kg60kg
Generator     6 kW
Car 490 kg 532 kg 520 kg
Power at 90km/h3,49 kW3,60 kW 3,57 kW
Power at 120km/h7,01 kW7,15 kW 7,11 kW
Range 90km/h229 km389 km 224 km
Range 120km/h152 km261 km 150 km

Attention! All this calculations are evaluations and speculations from PEGE how an other propulsion system could lool like. Range is for electric only mode. Serial hybrid has about 50km more range per litre tank.

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