Gasoline more expensive than photovoltaic

The Peugeot 106 is a typicall small car. Most time used as a second car for the wife and mother for every day usage like shopping or bringing the children to school.

According to the old consumption measurement City / 90km/h / 120 km/h in city traffic 8 l/100km, 5 at 90 and 6.1 at 120km/h ROZ 95 gasoline. Starting with cold engine and dense city traffic, it's possible that the consumption is even higher. With the norm usage in city traffic at 1.25 EUR pro litre 10 EUR for 100km.

  Photovoltaic electric power tariff for making wins

Until December 31 2004 was the tariff for new photovoltaic systems 57.4 Cent per kWh.

Each year, this tariff is reduced by 5%, because new improved technology for solar electric power makes new equipment each year cheaper.

This year is the tariff 54.7 Cent. The photovoltaic owner can make wins with this.

  Tariff for solar electric power cheaper than gasoline

The Peugeot 106 electric uses 18 kWh / 100km. Standing longer in a traffic jam does not use power. The electric car has no higher consumption after the cold start.

18 kWh times 54.7 are 9.84 EUR for 100km. Electric power from photovoltaic is in Germany cheaper than gasoline.

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