Dilemma car sales

The automobile industry at the border of growth. More sales increase the demand for crude oil and this leads in a growth to less sales.

  Border by the influence on the oil price

More car means more consumption. More consumption means more demand on cruude oil. More demand means increasing oil prices. Increasing oil prices means less demand for cars operated by oil products.

  Peak oil known since long time

Nobody can tell believably, the top managers would not know the situation since 1980. Nobody who leads a multi billion group can ignore the main dependance of the business

Somebody who is mighty will try everyhing to find out all about the fundamentals of his might . So the chief of an automobile group will want to know everything about crude oil. Impossible to know with a corresponding resarch budget not about peak oil since at last 20 years.

It is sure, that peak oil had been known to the upper management of the automobile industry, long before the broad public heared about it.

  How to tell it to my share holders

But to know about it is one problem, to tell it to the share holders is a complete different problem.

  Abandon crude oil and the share holders

How to assign serious money to the resarch of alternatives for the time after the cheap crude oil without causing panic at the share holders?

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