Car industry: Miscount China

There are 2 different strategies for the business with China. 1.) Sell existing models to China. 2.) check new concepts for a reasonable mobility.

  Chance wasted: mobility study China

How looks a car like, possible to sell to the whole mankind? Henry Ford had 100 years ago the visionary idea to create a car so cheap, that even a simple worker can effort it. The Fort-T was the fulfillment of his vision.

  Visionaries like Henry Ford are missing

Today, we need other big visions. A car possible to drive by all humans without climate disaster and without exploding oil price. Regretfully, there are no big visionaries like Henry Ford, only share holder appeasement experts not able to think beyond the next stockholder's meeting.

  Managers are wrong, we pay at the gasoline station

They considered China only as an outlet for existing models. Is at last the 3 litre Lupo in China? According to Wikipediat not. Only the bigger models are produced in China.

  China business: Looses by raising oil price

The oil demand of China increases, the oil price increases and in the native countries of the big car producers are the people thinking about purchasing smaller energy saving cars.

When many people can not effort car driving any more, the reason is, that the car industry did not look enough on foreseeable questions about the future.

Henry Ford
The great industrial who accomplished with the Ford-T the vision for the 20th century, should now be adapted for the requirements of the 21th century.

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