Consumption: 3 liters VW LUPO against Peugeot 106 electric

How many kg of wood on 100 kms use both tests canditates? After it is possbile to generate from 1 kg wood 0.1 liters diesel or 1.13 kWh electric power, the comparison becomes possible.

The VW 3 liters of Lupo can count as an extremely highly optimized vehicle of his type. With much additional technical effort towards the conventional Lupo TDI, the name 3 liters car was conquered.

However, the Peugeot 106 electric must be evaluated as the the first attempt of the manufacturer. A lot of potential for other optimization. I would compare the 106 electric with the first generation of VW Golf Diesel vehicles about 1980.

Also the kind of the consumption measurement is different. In the VW Lupo after norm consumption, with Peugeot 106 electric after general experience. Vehicles with internal combustion engine use on very short distances with cold engine clearly more. An electric vehicle does not have such an additional consumption.

and _nbsp; 3 liters of VW LUPO Peugeot 106 electric
wood / 100 kms 30 kg 16 kg
kWh / 100 km not possibly18 kWh
waste heat Only for the heating of the car 40.8 kWh / 100 kms
can be fed into the district heating net

In the comparison it is supposed that electric power is generated in a power plant like in Güssing for the Peugeot 106 electric. Waste heat from the gas engine can be fed in the district heating net.

For the VW LUPO, however, only a fuel similar to diesel is produced of wood. The engine waste heat can be used only for the interior heating of the car.

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