Logbook and navigation on the car radio

How well do the car radio manufacturers, producers of entertainment electronic, support their customers at seamy duties like a logbook for the income tax declaration?

  logbook on paper: for many too tiresomely

After a tax estimation, German self employed are paying more than a billion EUR income tax per year needlessly because leading a logbook on paper is too tiresome and time-consuming.

  Help for the customers

Because of this, we made at our big comparison test of car radio navigation systems the digital logbook as a KO criteeria for the participation in the test.

  The test winner

Baker Online pro car radio navigation: test winner Baker Online pro car radio navigation: test winner
On account of the German tax laws where billions Euros of income tax needlessly paid, because many lead no logbook, we tested only Navis with logbook.

  Unable to take part at the test

Alpina car radio navigation still without logbook
The first man from Alpina at the fair state stated a logbook would be never meant not. Stubborn inquiries led to the development chief: Available starting autumn 2005. Blaupunkt car radio navigation without logbook
A German manufacturer with navis already very long present on the German market. However, in spite of the home advantage, no logbook against 1% of  tax addition. Panasonic car radio navigation without logbook
joy for the Minister of Finance: a Toyota cross-country vehicle for more than 40,000 - EUR and the driver will not write himself a logbook. No help from Panasonic. Sony car radio navigation without logbook
Sports cars like this Nissan 350Z and a logbook on paper simply do not match. So this this sports car driver will pay unnecessary income tax. Car radio VDO Dayton navigation without logbook
After my question for navigation with logbook, 3 other fair exhibitors referred me to VDO Dayton. The greater the disappointment that also this manufacturer does not offer it.

Car radio navigation Car radio navigation
Who needs it, what are the advantages? All about our experiences with car radio GPS navigation systems.

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