Venture Capital for a motorhome company in Romania

Combine 3 technical sensations for the motorhome market together with the low working costs in Romania.

  Austrian Romanian cooperation

  1. Personnel department: Selection of Romanian workers by Maria Mösl. Maria Mösl has an Romanian management degree from 1997.
  2. sales department: Roland Mösl will visit with the finished prototype interested people. New cars will be built after they sign the sales contract.
  3. Finance department: Maria Mösl has much experience with book keeping and the Romanian tax system.
  4. Technical department: Roland Mösl and the hired Romanian workers
  5. Quality department: Roland Mösl will make a long time test with the finished prototype. Best results are achieved when a product is designed for the own use and not only for an abstract customer. Only this makes it possible to win new knowledge from practice for the improvement of the product.
  6. Publicity department: In the first time, new customers are searched by the internet by Web Design Suite internet advertising, the web design department of With the finished prototype are many publicity campaigs planed.

  The target market

We will establish a total new market segment only possible with the new technology from our Nomad Magic: The sales representative wanting to optimise his time usage and lifestyle.

We give them also the proof that the Nomad Magic motorhome and mobil office is the cheapest and best solution for all his traveling needs and we believe in this proof.

We will also have a strong position at people afraid from gas.